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Vitamin therapy is becoming an increasingly popular health trend. It involves receiving a high dose of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous drip. This allows for quick and efficient absorption of nutrients, bypassing the digestive system where they may lose some of their potency.

Individuals seek Vitamin therapy for a variety of reasons. Some use it as a way to boost their immune system or increase energy levels. Others turn to this treatment as a hangover cure or to help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and depression.

We do vitamin injectables (subQ, Intramuscular and intravenous, so the treatments can be done in seconds(a weekly shot) to minutes (IV cases)  depending on the kind of vitamin and therapy).

Vitamin B12
Vitamins C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B Complex
Folic Acid
L- Carnitine

Get to know more about NAD+.

NAD Benefits and Uses

  • Research into the effects of NAD on the body is ongoing, but many studies have shown promising results of the benefits of NAD supplementation and restoration across a wide range of conditions.

    NAD can help individuals who are:
  • Recovering from addiction and substance abuse: NAD helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • Interested in extending their lifespan: NAD is essential for DNA repair and plays a role in delaying the aging process.
  • Interested in restoring neurological function: NAD can help restore brain function and reduce the risk of neurological disorders.
  • Experiencing cognitive decline: NAD can improve cognitive function and help with memory loss.
  • Restore muscle function and improve athletic performance: NAD can improve muscle function and increase endurance, leading to better athletic performance
  • Seeking to boost a weight-loss regimen: NAD can help increase metabolism and reduce inflammation, which can aid in weight loss.
  • Seeking to reduce their fatigue and improve overall energy levels: NAD can improve mitochondrial function and increase energy production.
  • Slow the aging process: NAD is involved in DNA repair and plays a role in delaying the aging process.
  • Improve brain health: NAD can help protect brain cells, reduce the risk of neurological disorders and improve brain function.
  • Improve mental clarity and clear brain fog: NAD can improve cognitive function and help with memory loss.
  • Battle anxiety and depression: NAD can improve brain function and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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